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    InFED Logos and Usage

    We have prepared a set of guidelines to assist you in utilizing our logos to showcase your InFED participation or establish a hyperlink back to our platform.

    Permitted InFED logo

    Please adhere to the following guidelines:

    • Please utilize the InFED logo to establish a hyperlink to InFED′s website.
    • The InFED logo is permitted to be utilized on various mediums such as your website, PowerPoint presentations, or any other relevant material if your organization has been accepted as an incubated startup with InFED.

    Please refrain from performing the following actions:

    • Using the InFED name or any InFED logo in a manner that implies you are affiliated with or represent InFED
    • Using any InFED logo as the primary icon or logo for your business, organization, project, domain name, social media account, or website
    • Modifying any authorized InFED logos, including changing their color, dimensions, or combining them with other words or design elements.
    • Using any InFED trademarks, logos, or artwork without obtaining InFED′s prior written consent.